Top 10 COVID Lies May 9

Interview with Orioles Manager Donald Trump  May 1

Earlier this year, when we thought there would be a major league baseball season, the Glebe Street Hacks sat down with Oriole Skipper Donald Trump to reflect on the 2019 season and assess the future of the club.

The Vanishing Persuadables April 24

A friend of mine recently asked “Does anyone know a Trump supporter who has changed their mind about him?”  Good question. Although the Democratic National Committee seems to think that such a potential voter exists, I am skeptical. 

What in the Hell Are They Waiting For?  April 19

The Democrats are still mulling over strategy for a campaign that began three years ago, they need our help.

Primary Season Failure April 1

There is both a policy imperative and a moral constitutional imperative to bury the Republican brand for at least a generation. And yet, the only brand Democratic candidates put forward is their own personal brand.

Lies and Bullshit  March 24

In the case of a narcissist it’s not always easy to tell them apart but they are always intended to build power and get recognition.

Pandemic and Propaganda  March 18

Even in a pandemic the work of a propagandist is never done.

How Democracies Die March 10

Levitsky and Ziblatt examine the long slow deaths of democracies at the hands of elected leaders.

Beyond the Law  March 4

The President’s lawyers argued that “the idea of removing a President for abuse of power is “a made up theory…newly invented and ill-defined.”

Full Disclosure  February 26

I have no idea how to live well in the political and cultural morass that has emerged in America