What Makes America Great

I was in the 6th or 7th grade (1964?) when I asked Nana, who left Connemara in the 1920s, “Why did you come to America?”

“To eat,” she replied. 

Power to the Working Class

[This op-ed appeared last week in Charleston’s Post & Courier.] It’s gut-check time for Republicans.  Are they the party Donald Trump says they are, the protector of American jobs, fighting for the forgotten working class?  Or now that the election is over and they’ve gotten those working-class votes, will they go back to being the party […]

A Sad Day for the South

People like Nikki Haley and Lindsay Graham tell us that the battles are over. The New South has thoroughly taken root and flourished, like a gigantic live oak, and we all enjoy its shade, sipping sweet tea together. There is no New Jim Crow.

The Grinch of South Carolina

The Grinch here is not diabetes. It is not dialysis. It’s Nikki Haley.

Trump Street, USA

So how does the sheet balance on climate change? On the one hand, we’ve got Charleston’s cataclysmic public cost of dealing with the rising Atlantic. And Miami. And Brooklyn. And Boston. And D. C. And the Outer Banks. On the other, we “have to understand” that doing something is “going to cost our companies.”