The right wing media ecosystem is ramping up production of rationalizations and false equivalencies in the wake of the storming of the US Capitol. A few talking points . . . . .


Triggered by a documented pattern of police killings of unarmed black men. Triggered by a claim that massive fraud “stole” the election from the President, a claim for which there is no evidence, according to at least 90 judges and multiple elected officials of both political parties.

The stated purpose is to hold officers and departments politically and legally accountable
for racial violence.

Purpose is to disrupt a constitutionally mandated process and use the threat of violence to overturn a democratic election.

At no point did Black Lives Matter organizers
call for violence or damage to property.

Prior to the Capitol protest multiple extremist groups used an array of on-line forums attacking legislators as traitors and calling for taking up arms.

Long before the George Floyd protests, the FBI and other intelligence agencies indicated that Antifa was a loose collection of disaffected leftists, small in number, with very little social media recruitment activity and no evidence of coordination and training.

There are at least 600 organized groups (militias, white supremacists, and others) who, according to the current (Republican) FBI director constitute the single greatest threat when it comes to violent terrorist acts. These groups coordinate and communicate via a huge on-line network of extremist sites.

According to a study by Princeton University 93% of protests of George Floyd’s killing were peaceful. In the others, police deployments were usually very large and significant numbers of arrests for vandalism and inciting a riot were made.  FBI investigators uncovered no evidence that Antifa coordinated or played any significant role in the protests but several cases where those inciting and committing acts of violence were white supremacists taking advantage
of the protests.

Groups preparing for and attending the rally explicitly indicated that they believed that American institutions such as elections were not going to meet their demands and they should prepare to use extra-legal means. Nonetheless the police presence was small and under-prepared. There is no evidence to indicate that leftist imposters had infiltrated the rally –the video evidence cited by right wing media actually showed that fascists (not anti-fascists) were part of the group that stormed the Capitol.

According to the Center for Strategic Studies over the last 10 years about 15 to 20% of terrorist attacks in the US were committed by far-left groups.

According to the Center for Strategic Studies over the last 10 years about 70% of terrorist attacks in the US were committed by far-right groups.

Over the last 10 years Between 2009 and 2019 left wing extremists were responsible for 3% of all killings by extremists.

Over the last 10 years Between 2009 and 2019 right wing extremists were responsible for 73% of all killings by extremists.

The Democratic Party and its leaders have explicitly condemned the actions of violent left- wing groups.

The President of the United States has refused to condemn right wing extremists, calling them “special people” that he “loves” and he has used his twitter account to repost white supremacist and extreme nationalists material. And much of the Republican party encouraged the fiction of a stolen election, inciting extremists to take matters into their own hands.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Inevitable

  1. Yeah, that sums it up doesn’t it. When I notice that I am becoming irrationally optimistic about the prosecution of the mob and their inciters, I have only to think of Kyle Rittenhouse, his 2 million dollar bail and his high priced lawyers to bring me back to earth. Then I am forced to ask myself, “Where in this country is there a jury of 12 people in which at least six would not be Trumpers?


    Michael, still grateful to have a friend Like you ________________________________


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