Trump Street, USA

So how does the sheet balance on climate change? On the one hand, we’ve got Charleston’s cataclysmic public cost of dealing with the rising Atlantic. And Miami. And Brooklyn. And Boston. And D. C. And the Outer Banks. On the other, we “have to understand” that doing something is “going to cost our companies.”

Fixing the Battery

[This post originally appeared in the Post & Courier, Sunday, 20 November 2016.  It is reprinted here by Steve Bailey’s permission.] Twelve years ago an engineering firm hired by the City of Charleston estimated it would cost $5.5 million to rebuild Low Battery, the iconic seawall that for more than a century has been a magnet […]

A Hyper-Nationalist, Xenophobic America

And so, as I have heard many ask since Wednesday morning, what is one to do? How is one to respond? Where does one find hope?

I have two initial suggestions

Standing with Standing Rock Sioux

The camp is rustic but well organized with a central kitchen that seems to operate 18 hours a day. There is a school. There is no alcohol, drugs or firearms allowed in the camp, and while there is some beautiful drumming and chanting in the evenings(the entire endeavor is considered a ceremony), it is very quiet by 10:00. It is a very peaceful and spiritual community.