Women’s March Photo Essay

Washington, D.C., January 21, 2017. Over 500,000 people gathered.  D.C. Metro did not record a single arrest.                     *****Thanks to the Hacks for the opportunity to publish here.*****


These are some of the posters that I saw at the Women’s March in Charleston.  We began at the Women’s and Gender Studies office at the College of Charleston and walked through the rain to Brittlebank Park.                     And a bonus photo with the Hack’s own Steve Bailey in Washington, D. C.

A Sad Day for the South

People like Nikki Haley and Lindsay Graham tell us that the battles are over. The New South has thoroughly taken root and flourished, like a gigantic live oak, and we all enjoy its shade, sipping sweet tea together. There is no New Jim Crow.

Killing the bike lane will kill bikers

[This column by Steve Bailey was first printed in the Post and Courier and issued here with grateful permission of the author.] Someone on a bicycle is going to get killed crossing the Ashley River — and Charleston County Council is going to have to answer for it in the court of public opinion and, […]