Simulating the Vote to Remove the Confederate Flag from South Carolina’s Capitol Grounds

By Jordan Ragusa Do opponents of the Confederate flag have the votes to remove it from South Carolina’s Capitol grounds? In an attempt at answering this question Charleston’s newspaper, The Post & Courier, did the yeoman’s work of contacting all 170 state lawmakers and recording their position on the flag (see here).  It’s an important bit of journalism, one that […]

Disrespecting White Supremacists

Last week, a white supremacist gunned down nine black men and women in Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. The AME Church has suffered mass murder before. In 1822, it was at the vortex of a supposed slave insurrection led by Denmark Vesey. Historians are split on whether or not Vesey really plotted rebellion. He went […]

In the moment: grief and change

Vigils and prayer services and walks across a beautiful bridge have not magically made us whole, but they are a fitting show of respect which the dead and bereaved deserve, and they’re what we need now. While we must do more than mourn and congratulate ourselves for having the capacity to be grieved together, I’m […]

McConnell’s impossible centrism

[UPDATE AND COMMENT: I wrote this essay yesterday – from Europe – before Governor Nikki Haley’s press conference at which many prominent South Carolina Republicans joined her in calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds. At the time I was somewhat unsure that the political shift described in the essay […]

I was a stranger and you welcomed me

Heartbreakingly sad, horrifying, frightening, senseless. And so forth. I feel so terrible about the mass shooting at AME Emanuel—a church I drove past last night at about the time the shooter was going inside, attending a Bible study class. I feel uselessly terrible, since no one I knew personally was shot, since it’s not my […]