In Praise of Corner Stores: Let Burbage’s Bloom!

The ghosts of mom-and-pop shops past haunt the peninsula’s neighborhoods. The sad storefront at Tradd and Council, Burbage’s last home before it moved to Broad in 1961, sits empty and decaying. Burbage’s home before that, at Tradd and King, is just as sad and empty.

The Future of Rock and Roll

I saw rock and roll future, and its name is Houndmouth. The Music Hall in Charleston.  Drummer Shane Cody looked up from his set, squinted under the blinding cornice of lights trying to see the audience, and growled into the microphone. “We don’t usually play in places as nice as this.”  By way of explanation:  “Chairs and […]

Great Allegheny Passage, Day 3

WE could walk.  That was the first thing to notice coming down the stairs in the morning.  Our quads had not seized up like a bike crank does when the chair comes off. We stayed at this house.  Dairy farmers Debbie and Lynn (?) bought it in 1998, spent three years restoring it, before they […]

Irish Writer Takes Aim at American Sniper

Anyone who read Chris Kyle’s American Sniper should read Mark Mulholland’s novel, “A Mad and Wonderful Thing.” Taken alone, Kyle’s memoir is poison. Combined with the Irish novel, it’s medicine.