Nikki Haley and the Responsible Republicans

So what do you do if you’re a Responsible Republican?

Join the other party. The Democratic Party is a big tent, and it’s high time that responsible conservatives quit the Party of Pretending. You are far more likely to serve true conservatism as the right wing of the Democratic Party than you are as the sensible wing of the George Orwell Party.

Why is the South Carolina GOP still Whites Only?

Colbert King wrote a column recently for the Washington Post about the decline of black Republicans.  Quoting a Wall Street Journal-NBC poll, he said that “just 7 percent of blacks called themselves Republicans.”  Twenty years ago, when Bob Dole ran for president against Bill Clinton, 15% of African Americans were Republicans. Just 7 percent today? Honestly, I am […]

Straight Talk about “The War”

(This post is written by guest columnist, Hannah Kelly, in response to an op-ed piece in the Charleston Post and Courier titled, “A little talk about ‘The War.’”) A few weeks ago, Kirkpatrick Sale told the story of how he informed his eighteen-year-old granddaughter of the true causes of the Civil War.  Thus, in one gallant […]

Lee Bright, Dim Wit

I’m no conservative, but then again the politics of very few Americans are as pure as our bi-polar parties might indicate.  So I have no problem crediting conservatism with a pillar of my own philosophy: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. South Carolina is standing on the edge of a fix that just broke our neighbor.  If you […]

The I-526 Shell Game

Is I-526 the school prayer of Charleston’s mayoral race? In other words, is it the meaningless distraction from the real issues facing our city? Here’s a quick primer for anyone unfamiliar with the issue: the interstate “loop” around Charleston is incomplete: it runs from a point on the coastal road, U. S. 17, north of […]