A Hyper-Nationalist, Xenophobic America

And so, as I have heard many ask since Wednesday morning, what is one to do? How is one to respond? Where does one find hope?

I have two initial suggestions

Standing with Standing Rock Sioux

The camp is rustic but well organized with a central kitchen that seems to operate 18 hours a day. There is a school. There is no alcohol, drugs or firearms allowed in the camp, and while there is some beautiful drumming and chanting in the evenings(the entire endeavor is considered a ceremony), it is very quiet by 10:00. It is a very peaceful and spiritual community.

Nikki Haley and the Responsible Republicans

So what do you do if you’re a Responsible Republican?

Join the other party. The Democratic Party is a big tent, and it’s high time that responsible conservatives quit the Party of Pretending. You are far more likely to serve true conservatism as the right wing of the Democratic Party than you are as the sensible wing of the George Orwell Party.

Trump-ed in Charleston

[Once again the Glebe Street Hacks is honored to reprint Steve Bailey’s column that originally ran in the Post and Courier.  I meant to post this earlier, but the hurricane and evacuation interrupted those plans.] Donald Trump loves to see his name on his properties — often in large, gilded capital letters. And he has made […]

Why is the South Carolina GOP still Whites Only?

Colbert King wrote a column recently for the Washington Post about the decline of black Republicans.  Quoting a Wall Street Journal-NBC poll, he said that “just 7 percent of blacks called themselves Republicans.”  Twenty years ago, when Bob Dole ran for president against Bill Clinton, 15% of African Americans were Republicans. Just 7 percent today? Honestly, I am […]