Great Allegheny Passage, Day 3

WE could walk.  That was the first thing to notice coming down the stairs in the morning.  Our quads had not seized up like a bike crank does when the chair comes off. We stayed at this house.  Dairy farmers Debbie and Lynn (?) bought it in 1998, spent three years restoring it, before they […]

Great Allegheny Passage, Day 2

. . . if the prevailing winds blow from Pittsburgh to D. C., as the website promises, they have not prevailed. We rode into a head wind–not to say “gale force”–of pretty considerable strength.

Great Allegheny Passage, Day 1

We bought new bikes (Trek hybrids), bought spare inner tubes, and headed up to Pittsburgh on Wednesday.  Just outside Morgantown, we saw this rainbow.  A good sign, right?  Not with water but fire next time.  Apocalypse by fire is a scary prospect, but you want sunshine on a 330-mile bike ride, so we were encouraged. […]