In Praise of Corner Stores: Let Burbage’s Bloom!

The ghosts of mom-and-pop shops past haunt the peninsula’s neighborhoods. The sad storefront at Tradd and Council, Burbage’s last home before it moved to Broad in 1961, sits empty and decaying. Burbage’s home before that, at Tradd and King, is just as sad and empty.

“Save our million dollar views!”

“Save Sullivan’s Island,” their yard signs shout. “Beaches Not Forests!” Translation: “Save Our Million-Dollar Views!”

Stop it. If you are unhappy, there is no shortage of rich people who would be delighted to pay a fortune to live next to the forest.

Power to the Working Class

[This op-ed appeared last week in Charleston’s Post & Courier.] It’s gut-check time for Republicans.  Are they the party Donald Trump says they are, the protector of American jobs, fighting for the forgotten working class?  Or now that the election is over and they’ve gotten those working-class votes, will they go back to being the party […]

An Honest Wage?

[Steve Bailey published this piece in the Post and Courier on 4 February 2017.  He’s kindly given permission to republish it here.] Mary Moultrie became a hero in this town and beyond for leading a strike against the city’s hospitals for better pay and to end racial discrimination. Today, almost a half-century after that historic […]

Women’s March Photo Essay

Washington, D.C., January 21, 2017. Over 500,000 people gathered.  D.C. Metro did not record a single arrest.                     *****Thanks to the Hacks for the opportunity to publish here.*****